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Why does your service, need an identity?

A company isn't a person, after all.

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Today, we're constantly learning that this question has only one real answer. Your brand's name, logo, colour scheme (and so much more) can be the deciding factor on whether your customer invests in you, or your competitor.

But where did it all start?

Historically, "brand" has roots in the Old Norse word "Brandr"-the act of burning a personalised mark onto possessions. (Khan & Mufti, 2007). Over time, these unique imprints morphed into a tool for tradespeople to distinguish themselves from others, becoming the field of branding we know today.

Fast-forward to today

In the 21st century, branding has evolved beyond just uniqueness. With the advent of mass media and global commerce, it is one of the most pivotal aspects of business, fostering emotional and psychological relationships between customers and companies (Khan & Mufti, 2007).

Various branding elements of DoorClick UAE, featuring mobile designs, billboard lockup, van designs, and an aesthetic social media piece.
A dark, elegant, minimalist packaging design for Dubsy.
Various branding elements of Wildlab Health, featuring mobile designs, aesthetic social posts, and a product promotion piece.

Trust in the Process

Trust in the Process


Understand what drives you, and your customers alike.


Observe and deconstruct your chosen industry.


Reveal underlying customer patterns, motivations, or reasons.


Craft the guiding principle that frames your brand identity.


Experiment with, iterate, consolidate, and synthesize everything.


Test the cohesive whole and adjust as per real-world feedback.






of consumers prioritize shared values



Color boosts brand recognition by 80%



of customers reject untrusted brands (Ramaswami, 2020)



disengage after trust breaches (Ramaswami, 2020)

What does this mean for your brand?

This methodology is just that, the method. But once you're on board and our process is underway, the proof will be in the practice. Through unearthing your unique place in the market, your brand becomes more than just a business—it becomes an ideal, a tour de force of your trade.