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Escapism with a Side of Style

Various pages from the Pura website stacked on top of each other.

The Challenge

While some enjoy music or the movies, some of the most productive individuals often opt to get back to basics—back in touch with nature. Off the coast of Abu Dhabi is one such location, one that boasts a host of activities, from kayaking, and hiking, to birdwatching. Jubail Island is an ecosystem unto itself, and our task for Pura Eco Retreats was to build a platform that takes the stress away from booking that stress-free experience.

The Solution

As for the look and feel, we let the verdant scenery speak for itself—nature being the original designer. This, coupled with a minimalist approach, lets us create an aesthetic that makes users feel like they're already on the way to their glamping escape. By implementing Cloudbeds API, we leveraged their booking engine for a consistent experience throughout the platform. And together with a HostMe restaurant booking system, we allowed users to flow seamlessly through the platform and start their R&R from the get-go.