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Imagination Under Every Pixel

The Challenge

Ecosystems in nature contain vast complexity, some of which we're still discovering today. Digital ecosystems are similar, in that, under every asset, graphic, or story beat, there is so much happening under the hood. To build a world that suspends our disbelief for even a moment, so many moving parts need to work in unison to create the adventure-bound illusion. When building the intricately detailed Dubsy Island, we had to keep in mind this, and more, to ensure that regardless of their hardware, users could enjoy the experience all the same.

The Dubsy website viewed on a generic, non-descript handheld gaming device (very generic, trust us).

The Solution

Using a mix of 3D artwork and assets, we wanted to give the island's visitors a gallery-like experience not seen before in the Pocket Monster genre. We fine-tuned a narrative that puts the user on a journey; with a whole host of eccentric characters to boot. These details, whilst having Three.js and Vanilla JS to render and animate, brought the experience to life—underscored by a comprehensive, custom-built CMS with MongoDB to archive, track, and collate the ever-growing compendium of collectables.