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Investment founded on Education

Various screengrabs of the GRIT website laid on a surface like flashcards.

The Challenge

In an industry as old as we can remember, property is here to stay. When once acquiring property was saved for a privileged few, nowadays, the floodgates are open to all walks of life to reap the rewards of real estate. With some degree of patience, strategy, and no short amount of education, it's easier today to invest than ever before. Based in Melbourne, Australia, GRIT Property Group aims to speak a uniquely Aussie voice, and educate the next generation of property owners.

The Solution

On the visual and verbal front, we based our concept on the insight that both GRIT and their target demographic have near identical values. This, together with our strategy of moulding their tone to better suit a unique Australian voice, made for a tighter aesthetic, and a more consistent graphic style throughout their platform. Along with overhauling their Interface and Experience, we built a backend CMS from scratch, one that could hold under the weight of increasing leads from multiple countries. This approach of creating their backend from the ground-up ensured that wherever their business may take them, their tech structure should scale with them every step of the way.