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The Sauce Behind the Secret

Various pages of the Secret Parties website laid out in a large grid pattern, floating on an off-white background.

The Challenge

There's something about a brunch party that makes them so accessible. Whatever it may be, Secret Parties may have it figured out in spades. In the already bustling Dubai, Secret Parties have made somewhat of a name for themselves in hosting some of the most eccentric, sensory experiences one could find in the Emirates. This was built on top of a custom-built, comprehensive backend platform that could withstand the brute force of Ladies' Night partygoers on a Wednesday night.

The Solution

For aesthetics, we took inspiration from the heavy hitters of the online booking space to craft an experience that lets users get their hands on an invite with as few clicks as possible. But, this UX overhaul was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Stack

Under the hood, we built a backend architecture—complete with an infographic-stylised admin dashboard—all written line by line. This boutique build lets Secret Parties handle heavy traffic during peak hours and scales with their brand as they become the flagship of Dubai's party niche.